• #WhatsYourYANGA?!

    YANGA! means self-pride. Africans exude joy and pride like no other people in the world. 

    YANGA! wants to celebrate this pride and infectious enthusiasm for life. We are asking you to spread this joy, this pride, by telling us what 'yanga' means to you. Whether it is the way your new hairstyle makes you feel, or that sense of achievement you get when you've climbed a mountain, made a good meal, watched your kid's football match, we want to know. 

    Upload a short video of yourself telling us what YANGA! means to you across any of our social media pages Facebook @YANGA_UK Twitter @YANGA_UK Instagram @YANGA_UK (don't forget to like and share our page). 

    These are our favourites so far:

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  • #WhatsYourYANGA!?

    It means self-pride and showing-off in West African pidgin. However, the source of your own personal 'yanga' is different for everyone. Tell us what's yours....

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  • #WhatsYourYANGA!?

    Davido says you've got to "do" YANGA!

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