Nigeria decides

Join Mark Eddo and our guest panel as they discuss Nigeria in the run up to the next presidential elections.

8 episodes available

Series 3

  • EP 8: Should the big banks be playing politics?

    Topics PDP, have hired Donald Trump’s strategist, Ballard Partners, ahead…

    44:03 Factual

Series 1

  • EP 7: Nigeria Decides Episode 7

    24 hour curfew and unrest in Kaduna, The new legislation…

    44:03 Factual
  • EP 6: Nigeria Decides Episode 6

    Buhari’s anti – corruption travel ban, the presidential candidate’s men…

    44:03 Factual
  • EP 5: Nigeria Decides Episode 5

    The presidential candidates for the APC and PDP parties, the…

    44:03 Factual
  • EP 4: Nigeria Decides Episode 4

    The shocking turn of events in the battle between Ambode…

    44:03 Factual
  • EP 3: Nigeria Decides Episode 3

    Buhari’s comments at the UN, Osun State Governorship Elections and…

    44:03 Factual
  • EP 2: Nigeria decides Episode 2

    Alternate Presidential Candidates, alternatives to oil to support the economy…

    44:02 Factual
  • EP 1: Nigeria decides episode 1

    A look at Buhari’s Presidency, the alternative Presidential candidates, the…

    44:03 Factual