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Green Screen Greats

Green Screen Greats is a brand new improvisation show that sees the UK's best young comics pit their wits against random images on a green screen.

Their challenge – to perform a hilarious 60 second comedy routine whilst incorporating all the images and videos that appear on the screen. Judging them will be some well known names from the comedy circuit. And believe us it’s harder than it looks.

Green Screen Greats, Preview
  • Green Screen Greats, The Rules!

    Our host, Simon London explains the rules of the game and takes on the mean green screen!

  • Teej - Round one!

    Teej takes on the Green Screen as he attempts to tell us about the time his battery died on his phone.

  • Man Like Hakz - Judges comments!

    The judges give their feedback to the outrageously funny Man Like Hakz

  • Green Screen Greats: Exclusive Content!

    Is Kanye West a genius or just crazy?