Exchange with Mark Eddo

Exchange with Mark Eddo

Airing in early 2018, Exchange with Mark Eddo is a new type of talk show that connects intelligent and influential Africans across the globe. Recorded in our state-of-the-art studios in London and broadcast across the continent, Exchange with Mark Eddo has the most articulate and insightful interviews on African television.

Exchange with Mark Eddo is the first talk show out of Africa that is designed specifically for the erudite, aspirational and urbane viewer in cities like Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg. It’s a massive audience of smart, savvy global citizens who want dynamic programming that’s crafted for them.

And we’re not just talking about Africa. Today’s African viewer is interested in the world.

Exchange with Mark Eddo seeks out the most engaging, topical and thought provoking guests on the planet – African and international newsmakers and influencers, titans of business and moguls of music and media. Exchange will set the agenda and be the talk show that cuts to the heart of what Africa is really talking about today. Now it is time for Africans to really exchange.

Latest episodes

  • Series 1: Episode 3

    Mark Eddo – With Rene Caryal & Cian Oba- Smith

    25:38 Factual
  • Series 1: Episode 2

    Mark Eddo – with Asa

    24:52 Factual
  • Series 1: Episode 1

    Mark Eddo – with Africa’s Youngest Billionaire – Ashish Thakkar

    22:51 Factual