Direct Flight

Direct Flight

Patrícia, Marta, Yara and Weza are four best friends, flight attendants, who share a deep friendship as they travel between Portugal and Luanda.

Reaching the age of 30, new worries arise: marriage, motherhood, careers. Confronting the first real dramas of their adult life, these women will question everything.

Just when they think the path of their lives has been decided, they realise, every day can bring a new destination.


  • Changes

    Meet Patricia. A high flying air hostess who is all about having fun.

    DURATION: 00:56
  • Interview

    We all want to excel at that job interview. But what lengths would you go…

    DURATION: 00:55
  • Departure Board

    Patricia takes some time to relax before her next flight. Alsonso has a surprise in…

    DURATION: 01:03
  • Food

    There are customers on board that certainly don't think they can bite off more than…

    DURATION: 00:25
  • Uniform

    Marta tries to dress the part for her new job.

    DURATION: 01:00
  • Commander

    Marta needs to get something off her chest.

    DURATION: 00:54
  • Gym Smile

    What's the first thing you notice in a guy? Afonso has the answer.

    DURATION: 00:47
  • Bartender

    There's drink all round as the girls hit the town.

    DURATION: 00:46