• Before 30

    Before 30 follows the lives of four young women living in Lagos and the challenges they face in their quest to get married before they turn 30.

  • Crazy, Lovely, Cool

    A coming-of-age TV series that takes a look at the lives, joys and struggles of a group of charismatic students whose paths cross on the campus of Nigeria’s largest university, via the shocking revelations of the school's gossip blog

  • Direct Flight

    Two Continents. Four friends. Life at 560 m/h.

  • Exchange with Mark Eddo

    Exchange with Mark Eddo is a new type of talk show that connects intelligent and influential Africans across the globe. 

  • Fizzi

    FIZZI is YANGA!’s segment for children, appealing to both parent’s and children’s collective cultural imagination.

  • Green Screen Greats

    Green Screen Greats is a brand new improvisation show that sees the UKs best young comics pit their wits against random images on a green screen

  • Journalists' Hangout UK

    Journalists' Hangout UK is a fresh, bold current affairs programme bringing together a host of the best and brightest journalistic minds focused on the issues facing the African continent.

  • La Esclava Blanca

    A young white orphan is saved by black slaves in early 19th Century Colombia. After being raised by a white family, she returns a year later to rediscover her real family. 

  • Noni

    "Noni" is YANGA!'s magazine chat show, focusing on the lifestyle issues that matter to women across the African diaspora.

  • Number 6

    Number 6 is YANGA!’s free-spirited night-time entertainment comedy show.

  • One to One

    An individual with a profound influence on African affairs agrees to a probing interview with an expert journalist.From politics to economics, from the environment to human and cultural issues and much besides, anything is under examination.

  • The Business

    Lanre Akinola examines the world of business through the African perspective, looking at developments across the continent and beyond.  Putting down the world of business in digestible terms.


    "Turn Up" is YANGA!'s late night show, bringing you the latest agenda-setting music, cultural coverage and providing a showcase for the continent's rising stars and the industry's biggest names.